Sunday, 23 April 2017

Surprise Birthday Party!


Before I start, I want to say a big thank you to those who involved with my mum's plan in surprising me and her son-in-law, Zulhisham, and also our friend, Zairil for our upcoming birthday. A special blog post just for all of you!

Okay so to start the story that happened on 21st April 2017, I start with the plan of going to Lumut, Perak with Ajwad, Hafiza, Zulhisham and also Fatihah. 

For dinner, they planned to have a gathering at Nizam's cafe which is located at Kontena Cafe Akhil Hayy, Tambun, Ipoh (@theblackgrill). 

This is the most unexpected gathering as almost everyone was here except for Meor, Tirah, Anip and Wafi.

The story begins when I saw Bad's holding the balloons while Fatihah's holding a cake. I thought it was for Zairil. But then, on the cake there were three names! Three names which are DYRA, SHAM and ZAI. I am so speechless when I saw that! Suddenly, Fiza's told me that that was a surprise from my mother for me and Sham! I really want to cry a joy heard that. Never thought that my mom prepares all that things with the help of Fiza as the mastermind, Tiya, Bad, Nad, Dewi, Tiqah, Nizam, Yed, Bobby and Ajwad. Thank you so much guys!

Lastly, I want to congratulate my buddies! Yeayy! May you guys happy together!


Star EL said...

happy belated birthday, may Allah bless u always :D